Holistic Psychotherapy
across Colorado & New York

If you’re here, it means that you are ready to make a change in your life and looking to heal trauma, grow, and thrive with a holistic mind-body therapeutic approach to Mental Health & Wellness.

We are not our thoughts, feelings, or habits but understanding them can give a clue as to what we need to heal. 

Hi, I'm Jenna Mamorsky
I'm a Licensed Psychotherapist and a Health Coach in New York and Colorado

I am a licensed psychotherapist in the states of New York and Colorado with a Master’s in clinical counseling psychology and a certified health coach. I specialize in helping others with chronic stress and anxiety, perfectionism, self-esteem and relationship issues. 

Therapy should be a safe space to land. When you feel seen and understood you can begin to discover who you really are. I believe healing comes from seeing the unique experience of an individual. I provide empathetic and compassionate care along with evidence based practices to help create a conscious life. 

What To Expect

Specialties & Focus

Anxiety & Depression

Chronic Stress 

Relationship Issues & Codependency  

Self Esteem & Body Image 



Life Transitions

Somatic & Emotionally Focused Based Interventions

Nervous System Healing & Regulation Through The Polyvegal Theory

Meditation, Breathwork & Mindfulness Based Interventions

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing)

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Let's help you untangle the thought patterns & habits that are keeping you stuck. 

Individual Therapy Sessions 

couples  Therapy Sessions 

emdr sessions

If you're an individual or couple in the states of New York or Colorado seeking virtual therapy, I invite you to learn more about our different services.

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"I've worked with Jenna for nearly two years now, and I'd struggle to relate all the ups and downs Jenna has helped me through and helped me learn from over that time. As there's too much, let's sum up: "Therapy is the most important thing I've done in my life so far, and thanks to Jenna's intuition, patience, kindness and encouragement, I've made it so much further than I ever thought possible"


"Jenna Mamorsky has a beautiful gift in her ability to make others feel seen and support them with genuine compassion and respect. I've been working with Jenna for more than three years and it is difficult to overstate how vital her continuous support and guidance have been to me. With clarity and groundedness, she has helped me navigate the most difficult years of my life. Wherever you are in life, I cannot recommend therapy with Jenna enough."


I have been working with Jenna for four years and I can not express how much she has had a positive impact on me. She is caring, compassionate, thoughtful, and patient. She has helped me through many changes in my life - both good and bad - and approaches each with support and grace. I recommend her whole heartedly to anyone who is in search or is questioning whether to start therapy for the first time like I was four years ago.


I’ve been working with Jenna for the past year. She helped me navigate a time of a lot of change, pain, and struggle. When I was often feeling lost and scared she would help me feel grounded, supported, and safe. This was my first encounter with therapy and I couldn’t feel better about working with Jenna. I feel continuously cared for, challenged, and encouraged in our work… and I feel at home. I look forward to continuing to work with her.